Making Nintendo Memes for Fun

Memes by definition are ideas, style, behaviour, and quotes normally copied from different, and sometimes unknown sources, but added with a slight modification to create a symbolic reference to a particular event, theme or phenomenon. They’re usually spread widely through the internet or by word-of-mouth from one person to another. They are used in many places and various platforms, and Nintendo is not an exception. In fact, you can make your own Nintendo memes from your games just for fun.

What’s with memes

You’ve seen memes here and there, and people are sharing memes in different ways; from Facebook posts, tweets in Twitter, to Instagram updates. Some memes are funny and hilarious, others are hard facts, while there are also memes meant to tease or mock a system, a phenom, or a person. Whatever they are intended for, they are usually so amusing that a lot of people tend to share them in their Facebook timeline, and retweet them on Twitter.

Joining the Bandwagon of Memes in Nintendo

Memes also invade the online gaming world and many players across the globe are using them to challenge competitors, share the joy of victory or the upsetting defeat, or simply show their friends or loved ones the challenges they encountered during the game. For Nintendo Switch owners, memes have become a part of their gaming entertainment, especially with the Switch features that allow players to quickly create Nintendo memes with just a few simple steps.

Creating Nintendo Switch Memes

Nintendo Switch has a built-in feature that lets you take a quick screenshot of your games and save them in an album. What’s even more interesting is that you can add texts on your screenshots, allowing you to easily create Switch memes. The first step is to click on the Album icon from your home screen, then choose a picture that you want to use; click the Add text and type out your memes, then click Finish. You are good to go.

Enhancing your Switch Memes

The standard text format for your memes in Nintendo Switch is a white text with a black outline. This could pose an issue especially if your picture is generally chalky and your texts tend to be hardly readable as it blends with the photo’s light colour. However, this is not a problem at all with the Switch feature that lets you modify your text colours and sizes. So make necessary adjustments to create not just simple memes but something noteworthy of sharing.

Time to Share Your Nintendo Game Memes

Once you are done with your memes created using Nintendo Switch, don’t just let them sit on your storage like junk but share them to your friends and followers. There are plenty of platforms that you can share your memes on. One of them is Facebook. Upload your memes in your post so that your FB followers can see them and ask them to share as well. You can also tweet your memes, share on Instagram, and post on Pinterest.

Memes Reflect Character and Emotions

There are many ways of expressing joys, feelings, and sentiments in life. Some do it by writing letters and making a journal or a diary, while others are more vocal by making a post in Facebook, tweeting in Twitter, or posting a photo that reflects their emotions in Pinterest or Instagram. In Messenger and Skype, there are emoticons that let you quickly show how you feel like laughing, sad, thankful, or confused. Memes also do the same by showing others your feelings.

For Nintendo Switch users, memes are sometimes used to show what they are doing; like a meme on Mario Bros with a text saying ”let the adventure begins”. This only shows that you are now playing Mario Brothers on your Switch. You can also show your victory screenshot with a text “Game Over”. Whatever is worth sharing, create a meme just for fun and let your imaginations and creativity run wild with your Nintendo memes.

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