Nintendo Switch Board Games

nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch board games offer a massive window of opportunities for family fun and entertainment with numerous games at your disposal. But to maximize your enjoyment, you need first to create a Nintendo account in order to enjoy membership rewards and other benefits.

Don’t worry about the cost because it’s free. Just open one and link the account to your Nintendo Network ID to avail of more perks like a birthday discount on selected digital games. This is on top of other seasonal offers and reward points earned as you play more over time.

Take Advantage of the Free Perks offered by Nintendo Switch

There are demo versions that you can play for free. One of them is the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, a single and multiplayer that takes you on a wild adventure to the Viridian forest to battle trainers and wild Pokemon alongside with Pikachu or Eevee.

Another demo offer is the Yoshi’s Crafted World; here you will be taken to the wonderful world of miniature crafts. Surely, your imaginations will run wild with these free demos. There are other demos that you can try before you buy them in the store.

Play Popular Nintendo Switch Board Games like Monopoly

If you are fond of playing the famous board game Monopoly, then you are off to a good start because you can now play your favorite game. This is a single and multiplayer version you can play with your parents or kids, up to six players.

What’s even more exciting is that there are 3 different 3D boards you can choose from to break the boredom of playing on the same traditional board. You can also go online to play Monopoly with other players across the globe.

A Carcassone Board Game on Nintendo Switch

Launched in early 2000, the tile-placement Carcassone soon became a hit among many families because of its unique twist on adventure amidst the renaissance backdrop. As a result, more expansions are offered to create different variations on the gameplay to make it more enjoyable.

Because of the popularity of this multi-awarded board game, Carcassone was offered in other platforms other than boards, such as PC and Xbox. It is one of the best board games to play for a nice day with your loved ones.

Play Armello Boardgame on Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch games

Game of Thrones may not be available on this console, but you can play a similar game like Armello, except that your characters are animals. With the great kingdom in ruins, while the king fell to madness, the battle for the throne begins with your Armello game.

The amazing graphics, high definition colors, and excellent sound effects add more life to the characters, making it filled with thrills and loaded with excitements. You can also take it online and unlock more adventures and electrifying battles for a unique user-experience of your Switch.

Super Mario Party Switch Board Game for Party Lovers

Mario Brothers is a signature game of Nintendo. In fact, for many people, Mario Brothers are usually associated with Nintendo, or vice-versa. Obviously, it is a part of the top board games on the list.

While there are many versions of the game, one of the latest popular releases is the Super Mario Party where you can play the race with your friends during a party or dance with them. But what makes it perfect for parties is the numerous mini-games that you can play with it. So let the fun begin!

More Tips for Added Fun with your Switch by Nintendo

With plenty of games offered at the Nintendo store for the Switch, surely the built-in memory storage of only 32GB may not be sufficient enough to appease your gaming appetite. In fact, there are some large-sized like The Dragon Quest Heroes and the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which require more memory than the built-in storage.

But don’t worry, this should be easily resolved by adding a hefty-sized micro SD memory card that gives your console added space. Go for the biggest size possible to accommodate high graphics that require bigger space.

Aside from board games, there are other selections of games such as Indie, like Moving Out, card like Poker, role-playing RPG versions like Diablo III Eternal Collection, games with DLC or downloadable content like NBA 2K20 and Mortal Kombat 11, to spark creativity like Minecraft, and family fun at home like Zumba Burn It Up and Boot Hills Bounties.

Surely, you will never get bored as you can play on the go as mobile, or shift to a game console at home for a nice game night with friends.


What are the 51 games on switch?

These are the top 51 most famous board games for Switch.

Can I buy a Nintendo switch game from another country?

Yes it’s possible because it’s region free.

Can you play any game on Nintendo switch?

You can buy physical games and insert them into the cartridge. This goes without any installation.

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