Your Nintendo switch not turning on? Here is an easy way to fix it.

If your Nintendo Switch not turning on, it is a clear indication that something is not adding up and you need to fix it as soon as possible. In most cases, you find that you may not have used the Switch for a long time and now it cannot turn on. Do not worry about this state as you will be able to overcome it in just a few minutes. Get to a power source where you can connect your switch. By this, you will check if the battery has some problems.

Force restart your switch

The first step is to force restart your Switch. If your Nintendo Switch wont turn on, you need to use your thumb finger and hold the power button for twelve seconds. This will eventually turn off the console switch which will help to resolve any technical issue in your Switch. Ensure that you hold the power button tightly so it will restart the whole session of your Switch. After the console switch has turned off, now you can stop and relax for like thirty seconds after which you will turn it on the normal way and see what happens.

What to do if a restart does not work?

If the restarting does not work, you need to try another trick to help fix your Switch. Now, we will make use of the Nintendo most recommended way to fix any kind of problem. You need to unlock the console by the use of Joy-Cons that are attached to your Switch. By this, we are resetting the AC adapter and you need to ensure that you leave it unplugged for about thirty to forty seconds. After the period is over, now you need to plug in the AC cable to the switch and then power on.

Plugin your charge

If your Nintendo is not turning on, you need to plug in your charger. Battery drainage is always one of the main problems why your Switch won’t urn on. It may not have initial signals that it doesn’t have a charge if you previously used it to the maximum of the last session. You need to ensure that the charger is inserted successfully the way it is supposed to be and now you can try turning on your Switch. If the turning on complication was being brought up by any other problem, then this won’t work for you.

I tried everything and my Switch is not turning on?

If you have tried everything and your Switch is not turning on, its now a high time to visit your local shop for repair. You may find that your Switch has other types of complications that are hindering the Switch from turn on. Many complications may be too technical to rectify at your home hence you will need to visit a technical shop that will be able to open up your Switch. These guys are experts in the Switch and will know exactly where the problem lies. You can also consider calling Nintendo customer support.

Nintendo Switch not charging

Your switch may fail to charge due to various reasons. To begin, you may be using an adapter from a third party. Nintendo highly recommends every user to use their adapter since the adapters vary. The issue here may be that the adapter you bought is faulty or its power capability is too low to charge the Nintendo Switch. You need to look for an original adapter that will essentially bring to an end this problem. If you are using the original adapter and it’s still not charging, then there is a technical issue that needs to be addressed by a technician.

Give your Switch time to charge

If in any case you have been using your Switch for a period of time without giving it a chance to cool, there is a high possibility that it is not damaged. You only need to remove the charger and allow your device to drain the available charge slowly so that you do not damage your battery. Allow the switch to drain up to zero and turn off the Switch. After that, you need to plug in your charger and leave it for about thirty minutes, then turn on your Switch again. The console will have charged and solved the problem.

If your battery still does not charge, consider calling a Nintendo support. The support will always be there for you and will solve any kind of problem that you are having. At no time should you use a third party to repair your Switch, as the warranty will not work for you in case you need any support from the company. You should always ensure that your switch is not tampered with by anyone. Also, you should not open the Switch yourself as it is very dangerous. It requires professionals who have proper skills for the job.

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