Nintendo Switch shooting games

nintendo switch shooting game

Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that is popular and a preferred choice for a relatively younger audience. The gaming console focuses on a wide variety such as Pokemon, adventure, multiplayer, and shooting games. The shooting games have been ramped up on the gaming console to include first-person shooters.

If you are a Nintendo die-hard fan but you had avoided getting the Switch due to the lack of first-person shooters, do not wait any longer because this console has stepped up to provide a variety of these and many more.

Nintendo Switch shooting games – Warframe

Warframe is one of the free-to-play science fiction games which offers an experience that is already proving popular to players worldwide. It blends elements of third-person action and shooters together, with a lot of customization and content options.

The game developer, Digital Extremes includes enormous ships that you can fly to space to face on enemies. The plot features ancient warriors drawn from the Tenno race who find themselves at war with a planetary system.

With a collection of powerful weapons and abilities, one can approach the battle however it suits them, whether with guns blazing or with a stealth motion.

Nintendo Switch shooting games – Splatoon 2

This game has been developed by Nintendo itself. It is a sequel to Splatoon and it’s a multiplayer game which is intense and fast-paced as you destroy your enemies using ink blasters while at the same time trying to fill the map with as much ink as you can.

The game’s customization options and the multiplayer system keeps you engrossed despite the matches playing out similarly every time. Splatoon 2 also offers a platform-filled and creative campaign mode full of fish puns, and a new Salmon Run mode which will put your skills and abilities to the test.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

This first-person shooter franchise by Bethesda is a little bit different from the 2014 Wolfenstein: The New Order. Wolfenstein II- The New Colossus game, has been made available on Nintendo Switch in full. The plot is primarily set in the historical United States which has been conquered by the Nazi of Germany.

The story of the game sees legend BJ Blazkowicz in more entertaining perspectives and even provides information about his parents and childhood. It is backed up by challenging first-person shooting with options to play either as a solo destroyer or as a stealthier operative who subdues his enemies from far.

Nintendo Switch shooting games – Overwatch

nintendo switch

It took a while, but Overwatch was finally unveiled in 2019. The game is perfectly fine although the developer would have done better if it were not for some low-resolution visuals and some loading issues. The same characters and modes are still intact, and with a wireless connection while on the move, it is a perfect way to keep levelling up on your account.

Overwatch’s blend of tactical and objective game-play never gets old and this has been made possible by the sustained and continued release of new events and characters that has kept players loyal for years.

Nintendo Switch shooting games – Doom

Id Software and Bethesda astounded everyone when the Doom reboot turned out to be way better than it was assumed. Players were surprised to see Doom at first. With many concerns over the high graphics demand of its console and PC versions, the game made an easy pass to this console.

As a solo Marine, it’s now up to you to prevent the take over of the hordes of the Union Aerospace Corporation’s facility by demons. To do that, big guns and even bigger bullet stashes are needed. Doom is playable on a handheld as well.

Nintendo Switch shooting games – Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale, arguably the biggest video game worldwide can be played anywhere: from your living room or even when you are on the move. The game integrated the basic formula found in titles such as The Culling and blended in a structured element that lets a player turn any location into a fortress.

Its continuous updates and style have changed the game gradually over time, and cross game-play is supported in all systems. This means that a player can play the game with friends on PS4, Xbox, or even on their mobile phones.


Nintendo Switch shooting games might not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are definitely a lot of fun. One might be a bit nervous about communities surrounding the more popular games or even get frustrated when learning. However, there is a lot of fun once you find one game you love to play. It is hard to select just a few titles from a big collection, but these great games should hit it just right. Whether you are in the mood for a first-person, light-hearted, or less casual shooter, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.


Can I download Nintendo switch games?

Yes you can. Head over to the Nintendo eShop and start downloading.

Is it better to buy digital switch games?

The benefit of buying the digital version is that it doesn’t require any physical storage.
It’s stored on the harddrive of the unit.

Why are the switch games so expensive?

In general they are more expensive to manufature than the Xbox, PC, or PS4.

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