Why Change Nintendo Switch Themes?

You might be wondering why it’s necessary to change Nintendo Switch themes. As you may know, themes are among important missing items in Nintendo Switch that could make it more interesting. Currently, you are only offered two basic themes, Black and White, which can be interchanged in the System Settings. So, if you are fed up with the same theme colour on the background, then you might want to consider switching the theme to make your experience a little bit more interesting. Here is the basic procedure for changing the theme in Nintendo.

Procedure for changing theme color in Nintendo Switch

For users who have been using Nintendo Switch for a while, changing themes might not be a challenge due to familiarity with the system. However, if you are new in the platform, you might at first get troubled by a few of the settings and features included. If changing theme colour is what you want to fix, then the instructions provided below will come in handy. Note that for the outer appearance you can find Nintendo Switch skins that match your taste, so customization is not just limited to the screen’s background colour.

1. Start your Nintendo Switch

If the device is already on, you can skip to step 2 right away. Starting a Nintendo Switch console is easy as you just need to press the ‘Power’ button. This button is positioned on the top left side. For clarity, it’s the round button just next to the volume button and it has a power icon printed on it. You just need to press it once and wait a few seconds for the device to start. This is not like the typical phone start button that may require a long press. Once ready, you can then proceed to step two.

2: Accessing System Settings

With the Nintendo Switch powered on, you need to access system settings to make the changes you desire. On the right joy controller, press the Home button and this will instantly open your home screen. From here, you can then use the console’s joy-con to scroll through options and select ‘Settings’, the one with a gear icon. Proceed and press the ‘A’ button on your console’s right joy controller. This will open the System Settings. As an alternative method, you can double-tap the Settings icon on the screen and this will also open System Settings.

3: Access and change themes

With the System Settings open, you will see different options on the left side. From this list of options, you will see Themes, located in the middle of the list. All you need is to select the ‘Themes’ option and as soon as you click the available theme choices will be displayed. At this point, you only have two options, the ‘Basic Black’ or the ‘Basic White’ themes. You can choose and apply either one of these depending on what you prefer. Right now, Nintendo Switch offers only these two themes with no way to download new themes.

Why Nintendo Switch offers only two themes

New users of Nintendo Switch will be surprised to learn that Nintendo Switch offers only two themes, Basic Black, and Basic White. This is especially disappointing if you are coming from PS4, which offers over 20 unique minimalistic themes on top of others that are game-based. Nintendo, on a reply to questions about themes, argued that they only offer two basic themes in order to keep the system lightweight for a smooth playing experience. Truthfully, this lack of theme diversity does not hamper users from enjoying their experience with the Nintendo Switch as the platform offers a good playing experience.

Which is the best Nintendo Switch theme?

While each user will have specific taste and preferences, there seems to be great admiration for the Basic Black theme. Users seem to agree that the Black theme offers a better overall look. So, even with the lack of many more themes to choose from, many people feel they could stick to the ‘dark theme’ even if changes were made to incorporate new themes. The opinions are divided, of course, as there are those who want brighter colours and so will opt for ‘Basic White’. Until Nintendo does something and offers more, it seems users have to do with the two basic themes.

Nintendo Switch is among the best gaming consoles you can find on the market now. As a user, you want to enjoy the best experience when you use the console. One of the things you can customise is the outer skin of the console with colours that you love. Additionally, through the system settings, you can customise the theme to be displayed on the screen. However, for this, you are given only two options, the ‘Basic Black’ and the ‘Basic White’ themes. See above how to switch between each depending on your preference.

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